After Life

'After Life'???? Such a silly term. . . .There is Only Life!! Can we see beyond the Veil? Can we speak with our departed loved ones? Can we accept their messages so they can be freed to move on into the Light? Can we be consoled in our loneliness?? Yes....Yes....Yes....

Communication with the "Departed"
All the questions you have about
the 'After Life' Are not just figments
of your imaginations
You would not be thinking about
your Dearly Departed Loved Ones Unless you
were feeling their Presence in Levels of Life
beyond the Earthly Realm of Reality

There exists a psychological border or veil between
you and those who have crossed over.
This veil is woven with disbelief, misunderstanding, unrequited love, shame, guilt,
sadness, and so many other human emotional confusions.

A clairvoyant, as I am, has a clearer channel into the Greater Expanses of Life
I interpret the impressions and messages which your loved ones want you to hear.

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