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Interactive Psychic Demonstrations Through Diane's clairvoyance, you will discover, explore, experience, crossing over the boundaries of the outer Limits of the Paranormal and the other side. Celebrity Psychic clairvoyant Diane London will create spontaneous combustion with her uncanny talents, as she entertains, transforms, informs and captivates the audience. Diane will involve and inform the audience with her insightful interactive psychic demonstrations in her unique, witty charismatic style. Predicting Romantic forecasts, soul connections, and contact with the departed.... Diane offers outrageous and contagious cutting edge events . She will tickle your fancy - she is often described as a combination of Anne Landers, Judge Judy, and Dr.Ruth

Warning, this woman could be Habit Forming.
For Entertainment purposes only: Must be 18 yrs old.

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