Spiritual Therapy blesses All

We will enter the Realm of Knowing
Where honesty shines the gentle light of Truth
Rivers of tears may wash away impediments
and winds of laughter will blush fresh the Soul

Really, everyone needs someone to talk to - Sometimes another person, as a gifted psychic can see things that you cannot understand Through years of experience, I have the patience, endurance and insight to explore any area of your Life with honesty, kindness and compassion It is not as if I have a healing light that will fix your world, Know, you will see that the healing comes when your light begins to see the intricacies of your Life in a New Way & and as you appreciate the subtle inter weavings of emotions, your choices will be of benefit to the entire world of Love

To guide you to answers that you already know - or reveal the possible solutions and choices to Be in Balance and Harmony with your self and your world and with others - There is nothing that is impossible to solve!!
Love - Laughter - Tears

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