Tarot Readings By Diane London
Let the Cards Speak to You
wheel of fortune the sun
the lovers
centcardsthe sun fool
king of pentacles hermit
Tarot is a very interesting way of seeing Destiny
and personal relationships in all times of your life.
Reading is a psychic exploration using the cards
as milestones and destinations points.

Understand your past, See clearly the Present & Divine your Future

Looking at your life
can often be like looking
at a distant meadow from a
high mountain top.
From the distance all you
can see is the greeness---
coming closer
and you will be able to
see the colors of the flowers
closer yet and you will even be able to smell
the flowers' perfume
and see and interweaving patterns,
of petal color and
filtering breezes
Do you want to appreciate,
with deeper clarity, the unseen
forces and complications of your Life??

For thousands of years
and throughout all cultures
seers have used various
tools and techniques for
helping people understand
the invisible intricacies of
their Lives.

The deck of Tarot cards
in its many manifestations
is just such a Divination Tool
Distance is an element of the Physical World
In the Spiritual Planes of Life all Space and Time is at Hand and ready for 'contact.'
The magic of the Tarot is that even at a distance your presence will effect the deck shuffling
and the 'throwing' of the cards; revealing the secrets' interweaving of Fate and Destinies' tapestries

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